Woman on a mule

Rudd 20

Mule or donkey?

When I look at this small photograph, I can picture this lady in the wild West of Arizona in the 19th century. She has on a felt hat, straight riding skirts (which are like really large culottes) and a white blouse. The beast of burden is either a mule or a donkey, which has been saddled. You can see her high-heeled boot in the stirrup and she is holding the reins. While the face is indiscernible, the woman is part of the Rudd clan, as that is where the photo came from. The image could be from anytime between 1890-1920 I suppose.

Ruth Ann McGuire

Rudd 5

Grandma McGuire

This cabinet card has been trimmed to the photo size and on the back was written:

Grandma McGuire

Ruth Ann

Floyd Rudd

There was no photographer’s information but I assume it was taken in Arizona where the majority of the other Rudd family photographs were made. Ruth Ann is dressed in a rather plain dress, probably black. The sleeves are suggestive of the 1890s and the skirt appears to be plain and modestly sized. Ruth Ann also has her hair parted in the middle, which is an older convention, but probably what she liked and grew up with. The chair is interesting. It reminds me of those school desks with the writing table. It appears to have been big enough to seat a very large man, a small woman quite comfortably, or probably a pair of children or more. The arms with their wide ledges would have been perfect for seating smaller children around an adult family member.

Four kids and a baby buggy

Rudd 13

From the Rudd collection, here is a shot of four kids – one in a baby buggy – on the porch of a house. They appear to be two boys and a girl standing. Perhaps one of the Rudd McGinnis Colter family members can recognize a face or the house even.

Happy New Year to you, my wonderful visitors! A review of the site stats revealed 140,000 views from 148 countries last year. Amazing!! I am humbled to know that this blog has touched so many people. Your comments mean so much to me and if we can continue to work together to reunite old photos with loving family members, I will be the happiest person on the internet.


Colter Boys

Rudd 14


I recognize these three boys from the previous photograph of the Colter family shown recently. I believe this to be Bert, Ed and Fred. Note the backdrop, straw mat, and faux tree look like the same ones used in the linked photo, and also the same as in the photo of the McGinnis girls.

We have been blessed with a family member who found these pictures and has commented on several of them. I’m going to have to add a “Rudd” category so they will all be easily found in one location on the site! Once the photos and postcards have been scanned for posting, I will be sending them all home. The wonderful part of the story of course is that the photos will be with family, but the sad part is that for them to have been sold on ebay means that who ever owned them probably passed away and the photos were sold at an estate sale. I can only say that I’m so glad to have been the high bidder, making me able to reunite these family treasures with Rudd, McGinnis and Colter descendants.

Rosalia Rudd Colter

Rudd 9

I believe this to be a lovely photograph of Rosalia Rudd Colter, who was featured recently with her children. Rose / Rosa / Rosalia was the daughter of William Mann Rudd and Catherine Eliza Rudd. This photo is similar to the previous family portrait in her clothing and hair styling, although her dress and hair are different. Rose looks serene and lovely in this portrait. The framing of the image is also quite lovely and while I have seen similar types of framing I have not seen one quite as nice as this. Unfortunately, the photographer did not add his studio information to his cards. By the clothing this can be dated to the 1890s.

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