Merry Christmas with a tree


Kathy & Karen

The small picture shows Kathy & Karen in front of a different fireplace this time. The printed card features someone pulling a tree and a child on a sled. The front of the card is signed “Fred, Isobel, Kathy & Karen.” The back features a nice note:

Our very best to Jennie D & Randy and may 1959 be a very special year for all of you, Love, I.

So we can date this to December 1958. this is a Klein family card.

A Jolly Yuletide

SAS 1913

That’s a dead eyed Santa, yikes

This SAS card dated 1913 features a pretty girl in a green cap and yellow coat holding a Santa mask. I think. It’s the only explanation I have for how dead eyed Santa looks. That will certainly give a new meaning to the “nightmare before Christmas”!! The text reads The brigtest [sic] memories I hold dear / Are of old friends year after year. The card is embossed with flowers and lightly gilded.

A Jolly Old Fashioned Christmas to You

Mrs W. L. Philpott

…and to me if you get my shirt

Carrying a postmark from November 1909, this vintage postcard features Santa Claus with snow falling around him, holding a sign that reads A Jolly / old Fashioned / Christmas / to you / and to me / if you get my / shirt. That last part was added by the sender of the card. In tiny text on the front reads Copyrighted 1908 by Julius Bien & Co NY. Julius Bien was a famous lithographic artist prolific in the 19th century and it seems, mostly known for cartography, not greeting cards. Bien was born in Germany in 1826, emigrated to the US in 1849, and opened his lithographical business in 1850. He enjoyed great success and his maps are treasured for their detail and beauty. He died in 1909, and one can assume it was his company that was responsible for his greeting cards.


Here is the reverse of the card, showing the intact 1ยข postage stamp, green of George Washington, and the postmark of November 11, 1909 in Englewood, TN. Addressed to Mrs. W. L. Philpott, the card reads as follows:

Hello how are you

I am all ok

Have you seen


of my shirt

pass your house

I have lost one

Yours truly

S??yerilant — no clue

Answer soon

Christmas tree and star


A pretty tree


A pretty card shows a tree, decorated with candles, balls and popcorn, with presents underneath and a curious kitten reviewing the scene. The interior message reads Wishing you / happiness / Not only at Christmas / But every day / in the New Year. It was signed Love, Crockett, Jo, Helen & Bill.

On the back of the card is a tiny trademark, not bigger than 1/4″ wide.


It reads

Local No 53 L

Lithographers & Photoengravers International Union



The union was formed in 1964 and was active until 1972 when it became the Graphic Arts International Union.

Merry Christmas with three kids


Three little kiddies

From Helen & Jim Lyle, three children sit in front of the fireplace, each holding a candle. The child on the right looks uncertain about this whole process. The card features a fluid script print, Christmas trees and a stagecoach.

Merry Christmas Happy New Year


Military dad

A simple, deckled edge card with a small square photo of a family. The father is in his military uniform but I can’t tell what branch he is in. Two boys are in between Dad and Mom. The printed text reads Merry Christmas / Happy New Year and looks like a letter in a mailbox. The card is signed “with much love, Antoinette & Allen & the boys.”

A Merry Christmas


Happy, laughing girls

Laughing and happy, Kathy & Karen sit with their shadows behind them. They look cozy in their warm jammies. The card reads “A Merry Christmas / and a Happy New Year.” It is signed “Fred, Isobel, Kathy & Karen.”

This is a Klein family card.

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