A very happy family

These photos of the Trunk family were all taken on the same day in about 1914. I’m guessing that year because one photo was marked with that year, and by examination I realized that all the people in these photos are wearing the same clothes, putting the photos on the same day. All of the photos were cut out of another photo album and then taped into this one.

Trunks on a tree

This first photo features many of the siblings posed on a fallen tree. Click on the image below to view the color corrected photo with names.

Click to enlarge

Some of the people were identified with tiny handwriting in the album. For instance the photo above was surrounded with “Ben, Marie, Ed & Gertrude.” The next photo identified “Ruth, Jim, Rose.”

Look closely at the hats

This family definitely has a joy for life. If you look closely at the hats, you’ll see that they have switched them around a bit. Click the image below for greater detail.

Click to enlarge

The third photo has the family standing on a bridge or dock, possibly a roof?, that doesn’t look all that sturdy, and a dog has joined them.

Bridging the gap

The young boy is in each of these photos but not identified. I wonder if he is Edward Trunk?

Click to enlarge

And finally, we have Gertrude Trunk by herself. However, she’s wearing the same dress as in the other three pictures. Unless it was her favorite dress, I imagine she posed for a portrait on the day someone had the camera out and was taking snapshots.

Gertrude 1914

You can click on the photo to enlarge it and examine the details. I do wonder what occasion had the family out in the weeds and wilds taking photos. Perhaps it was a family gathering after a wedding or holiday supper?


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  1. Far Side of Fifty
    Oct 11, 2010 @ 19:20:04

    Interesting photos..if they were taken in 1914..then the little boy is too young to be Edward..wasn’t he born in 1891? I find it interesting that there are nine children ( people) in two of the photos. The first photo has ten people in it. I do think they had a sense of humor…these photos are real treasures! :)


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