Is he the same person?

Almost to the final photo in the C. Murray Album. I’ve got some wild speculation going about the couple we looked at recently – first in their wedding photo, then with their children, and then in middle age. The fellow in this CdV bears some resemblance to the man in those three photos, so I am beginning to wonder if he’s the same fellow. Could it be the photograph he sent her in a letter, or dropped off with the housekeeper the first time he called?

Tune in tomorrow for the final photo and an overview of everything I know about the Lewis A. Streeter family.


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  1. IntenseGuy
    Nov 09, 2010 @ 05:03:49

    Hmmm… I must say this man does resemble the man (men) in the other pictures – His hair line seems to have receded here – and the style changed over the years from “flat top” to “wavy” to “thinned” as does his mustache.

    His eyes seem to have that same intense gaze over the years – it looks like he never slept very well.

    Of all the pictures, he doesn’t look like #27 all that much (or as much as he does the other pictures). If handed the set of pictures without labels… I wouldn’t be sure they were all the same man – but there is a definite “family” relation-look to them.


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