Horse drawn carriage

This image was cut out from a Real Photo Postcard and shows a horse drawn carriage on a small bridge, somewhere in Maine. It is difficult to see, but there is a woman standing behind the carriage and one standing in front of the horse, leaning on the bridge railing. There are two women sitting in the carriage. The back of the image says something about the Echo House in Newfield, Maine, but because it was cut there is no way to know what exactly was happening. The card was addressed to Mr. C. W. Clapp of Alden Street, Danvers, Maine. I found one reference to the Echo House which dates to 1905, and that was a census of the town of Newfield which indicated the Lord family was somehow involved with the Echo House, but it is not possible to determine exactly how. I am unsure what purpose the Echo House served to the town, if any, but two members of the Lord family were listed as being associated with it.


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  1. IntenseGuy
    Nov 11, 2011 @ 11:00:37

    The Echo House was a “stage coach” stop and Inn – Walter E. Lord, proprietor. He charged $1 a night in 1907 and was listed in the Boston and Maine Railroad “places to go and stay”.

    There is a picture on eBay (for a limited time) here:

    This bridge is likely over the Little Ossipee River.


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