Girl in plaid



This pretty image is approximately 7×9 or so, with the image centered on bristol board. The style of clothing worn by this pretty girl makes me wonder if this is a reprint, as the dress and hairstyle look to be from the mid 19th century, or possibly a bit later, maybe the 1870s. I am not completely certain though because girl’s fashions didn’t change as radically as women’s fashions as the bustle appeared in the 1870s and finally left in the 1880s. While girls were often dressed as small women, their skirts were not often as elaborate as adult fashions. Plus with her sitting it is impossible to tell if she has a demi-bustle or what.

She is a pretty girl, with rings on her fingers, a lovely pin, and fancy headband. Someone loved her quite a lot. I’d guess her age is between 10-12 years.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. IntenseGuy
    Mar 25, 2013 @ 10:33:01

    Such bright alert eyes!


  2. lissajuliana
    Mar 25, 2013 @ 17:58:19

    Such a great picture. I see what you mean about it being hard to date. The style could be 1850s or 60s, but her lively expression suggests a slightly later time. The really early photographs were all so deadly serious. I found a nice pinterest page all of ‘victorian plaid dresses.’ Fun comparisons with this one: .


  3. Mike Brubaker
    Mar 30, 2013 @ 17:22:04

    That is a beautiful photograph! A remarkable poised young lady in any era.


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