Duo, trio


Mother & Daughter?


Three generations of happy females

These two photos are from my friend P. Bingham, who knows they are some relation, but exactly who is unknown. The first photo, of the duo, is mounted on a black card, but no photographer information was imprinted on the back or front. Black cards were not quite as popular as pink and buff.

The second photo is far more interesting because of the changes from the first to the second, plus the addition of the child. While the first photo looks “fine,” nothing exciting, the second has attitude from the child, the mother looks like she wishes it was over and the grandmother looks as though she is determined for this to be a nice photo whether they like it or not!

Just noting the differences – of course, there is the girl with her smirk. It’s as though she is commenting on having to sit on the floor, horrors! Mother has put on her bonnet, and the chair has been rearranged so she can prop up her arm. Grandmother has also put on her bonnet and also her spectacles. I found that strange. Why have them on in one photo and off in the other?

The deckled edge of the second photo puts this photography session into the 1890s. Again no photographer was identified, making me wonder if these were proofs.

For more photos of trios, click over to Sepia Saturday. You will be happy you did!

Three’s company…


20 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jackie
    Aug 23, 2013 @ 10:04:04

    It makes a change to have two photographs side by side with the slight differences like glasses on and glasses off…. I enjoyed studying the differences… Just like playing spot the difference !!!


  2. kristin
    Aug 23, 2013 @ 10:12:09

    They are certainly a gloomy looking trio.


  3. Deb Gould
    Aug 23, 2013 @ 10:13:52

    And it’s the exact same stage set in the second photo!


  4. hmchargue
    Aug 23, 2013 @ 12:23:11

    I think you’re right about the proofs. The child’s smirk would certainly call for a rejection. Also the lovely collar of grandma’s dress “fights” with the hat bonnet in the second version. Hopefully they ended up with something better than either of these.


  5. Boobook
    Aug 24, 2013 @ 02:08:30

    Great take on the theme this week, an Interesting study.


    • Mrs Marvel
      Aug 25, 2013 @ 09:55:52

      Thanks! I’ve got to take the time to get around to others but it’s been so hectic already – perhaps tomorrow I will finally be able to enjoy.


  6. Jackie van Bergen
    Aug 24, 2013 @ 02:32:53

    Yes, interesting differences. I wonder what other Sepians will come up with on this one!


  7. postcardy
    Aug 24, 2013 @ 06:26:11

    The expressions in the second photo add to its interest.


  8. Little Nell
    Aug 24, 2013 @ 07:46:30

    A definite smirk there – not something one often sees in sepia.


  9. Bob Scotney
    Aug 24, 2013 @ 11:09:24

    Interesting but hard to admire the results – if they paid they might ask for their money back.


  10. anyjazz
    Aug 24, 2013 @ 13:06:01

    Two photographs from the same session. A rare find!


  11. Mike Brubaker
    Aug 24, 2013 @ 16:35:37

    I can almost hear their intense conversation about each pose. The girl’s goofy direct gaze at the camera is priceless. Do I detect some uncomfortable corsets too?


  12. Joan
    Aug 24, 2013 @ 17:36:05

    Those two photos, alike and yet so different, really provided a lot to ponder upon. The hat and the positioning of the seated woman makes her look more approachable (for wont of a better word) than in the first photo. Where as the standing woman is even more ridid in the second pic. interesting — and then add in the smirking pixie child. great selection.


  13. gluepot
    Aug 24, 2013 @ 18:06:43

    A wonderful couple of photos. I’ve come across this sort of thing too on a couple of occasions. I think the “walking” outfit, which included scarves, hats, shawls, and often parasols, were usually removed for portraits, but sometimes left on. I don’t know why but it certainly projected quite a different image.


    • Mrs Marvel
      Aug 28, 2013 @ 09:05:44

      I have seen a few nice photos with all the outer garments included, but they are usually in books and library collections. Wish I owned some of them!


  14. Karen S.
    Aug 24, 2013 @ 21:17:42

    I agree that has to be the first smirk ever! Very interesting. I also think these ladies need some happy in their day! Ha! Ha!


  15. Wendy
    Aug 25, 2013 @ 05:01:04

    The smirk makes this photo G.R.E.A.T.


  16. tatteredandlost
    Aug 26, 2013 @ 21:27:32

    A smirk through time. She is the most memorable of the three and she probably got such a scolding when they saw the photo.


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