Furry Girl and Her Dog

I have had this picture hanging around here forever but I have no idea why I’ve never shared it. It’s a wonderful image! Just look at the fur collar and bag (?) she has. Her coat looks warm and her hat looks like a 1920’s style newsboy. Her dog patiently sits by her, waiting to be released to chase cats or squirrels or whatever catches his fancy. The picture looks to have been taken on the porch of a house, location unknown.


Season’s Greetings


Growing up and a different dog

Here’s the last card I have from the Gus and Abby Klein family, showing Augie, Susan and Frankie, and now with Bonnie who looks to be a wirehaired or Aerdale terrier. The photo is in color and slides The back of the card has a nice note.


As usual, this was the “best” of 20 pictures brother John took over Thanksgiving weekend – John & Linda were up with the new baby – she is precious & charming & we all wish they could move up here so we could watch her grow up.

Lots of love,

Abby & Gus

Season’s Greetings


Three kids and a puppy

A simple photo card features line art of poinsettias and holly on one side, and the photo of the Gus & Abby Klein kids. Augie, Susan and Frank hold a cute collie puppy. Was this the era of Lassie?

Juniors in the 80s


This particular photo shows Junior Girl Scouts from the 1980s based on the style of uniforms. The blouse and red neck tie seen on one of these girls really gives it away. The blouse was white with the Girl Scout logo in a pinstripe format. This was the first uniform update that really allowed slacks and shorts for girls, in addition to skirts. Previous uniforms did have shorts, but the “formal” uniform always included a skirt…until this one. I hated the neckties because they snapped in the center, and during the day they would twist around until they were really wonky and pointed straight down.

These girls are posed on a diving board and have two dogs with them. Were they the troop mascots? Although two girls are wearing coats, the picture was still staged out of doors, making me wonder what time of year it was.

If it wasn’t a card it should have been

Verne & Reno

Verne & Remie

While this photograph doesn’t show any signs of Christmas or other winter holidays, it is good enough to have been featured on a Christmas card. There is a girl, a boy, and a dog, all in front of a nice roaring fire. I am taking a guess at the names. One is Verne, clearly, but the other looks like it could be Remie or Reno, or Ram….  I’m wondering if that is the name of the dog and the handsome young boy has gone anonymous.

This brings an end to the Christmas card series. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have! We will be back to 19th century images next with some really great tintypes and other 1860s CDVs.

Merry Christmas



Merry Christmas Happy New Year from The Mullins. A nice note was on the back.

Christmas Pix 9

The younger generation

Yes, these are the “younger generation” Mullins. Sure makes us feel old when we see how big they re getting. We moved to the country last summer and are very happy about tit. The children have their pets, I (Maurene) have peace & quiet – and all Jay has is a long ride to work & back. He’s still doing construction work – working on a power house right now.

Do you ever hear anything from any of the old Navy gang? Write.

Sincerely, The Mullins


New Beginnings

Launching a new venture

This Sepia Saturday shows the HMAS Albatross during construction in 1928. The challenge, however is to find photos showing new beginnings. When I think of new beginnings, I think of new homes, babies, weddings, starting school, and the cycles of life illustrated through our seasons of planting, budding, growing, and harvesting. Just recently I stopped into my favorite antique stall and collected a variety of images. Among them was the photo below.

Bride Baby Dog

Bride, baby, dog, house, spring

A bride in her lovely wedding clothes, replete with long trailing veil, holding a baby, in front of a flowering garden. If we imagine well enough this could also be her new home, and her new dog, maybe even her new sister-in-law. I was going to save this for a series of wedding photos to be posted in the spring, but could there be a better image to capture the concept this week?

And as a coincidence, this is on the back of this photo:

Bride Baby Dog Back

Lovely lady standing by a pond

A crooked picture of a lady standing by a pond…with a boat on it. :-)

To find out how others met the challenge this week, click the Sepia Saturday banner at the top of this post. You will be happy you did!

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