Special Military Training?

Enjoy today two photos that show us that sometimes military training and camp isn’t all marching and push ups. I don’t know who the subjects are, but they were in the same pile as these pictures of Earl “E. B.” Scott and his buddy. Location and date are unknown but I’m guessing in the 1940s to 50s.

Merry Christmas with love


The Collonade Club

There’s always that one card that arrives so late…! This card features a photograph of a beautiful building shaded by large trees. As it turns out, it is The Collonade Club at the University of Virginia.

This particular university is so important to American history because it was designed by Thomas Jefferson as an “academical village.” The cornerstone for this building was laid in 1807 by President James Madison, in the presence of Thomas Jefferson, in a Masonic ceremony. It’s an interesting story and I encourage you to read more about this beautiful building at the Collonade Club website.

The card was signed: Merry Christmas, with love for you and for all who may be gathered at your home for Christmas, Anne and Wallace.

On the back was transcribed the text on the bronze plaque at the Club. I can only imagine that Anne or Wallace or both were proud alumni of UVA.

Anne and Wallace

Anne and Wallace

Merry Christmas


A trompe l’oeil design

Kathy and Karen Klein appear to be reading or singing from books, but this effect is called trompe l’oeil meaning “trick the eye.” The photograph is overlaid by the line art, making it look like the girls were caught in the act of singing or reading. The line art consists of the books, bells, holly, pine boughs and ornaments.

A Merry Christmas


A pile of packages

The girls are finally growing up a little! Kathy & Karen Klein stand in front of the fireplace, holding a big pile of packages. There are more packages on the hearth, pine boughs and a banner, looks like some bells on either side. The card features line art of a couple in a horse drawn sled “dashing through the snow.”

Merry Christmas Happy New Year


Girls and a creche

Kathy & Karen return for Christmas and show off their nativity scene. The card features line art of a family in the snow, on sleds, traveling toward a snow-covered house, and large pine trees. The card is signed “The Kleins.”

Merry Christmas


Girls in front of the fireplace

These little Klein girls just don’t seem to age, do they? Here are Kathy & Karen Klein, in front of the fireplace, holding a picture of Santa Claus. They are cozy in their footsie pajamas and laughing at something. The card features a scrolly script that says Merry Christmas, and a photographer dressed as Santa Claus. The card is signed Fred, Isobel, Kathy & Karen.

Merry Christmas


A giant wreath on the door

It’s really getting challenging to name these posts with the phrase on the cards because so many of them repeat lol. Hopefully it doesn’t matter to you. :-)

Another card from the Gus & Abby Klein family, this one shows Augie, Frank & Susan in front of a very large wreath. I think they are singing a carol since their mouths are all open. It also looks to be a double front door they are standing in front of, because of the door knocker top right of the wreath and the double handles in the center of the wreath. Susan was mad at her brothers that day, I guess, because she is standing slightly apart from them.

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