Cleveland Family

This cabinet card from the Leaf Album was trimmed on one side probably to make it fit into a frame or picture window in a photo album. Fortunately for us, the photographer information wasn’t removed as is so often seen. The family of three features Father, Mother and a little boy. Judging by his large blouse and floppy necktie, he is over 5 years of age and mother was fond of the “Little Lord Fauntleroy” look that was  popular in the 1880s and ’90s. Mother’s dress appears to be an 1890s fashion to me with the frills on the bodice and puffed sleeves. She is holding something in her hand. At first I thought it might be a daguerreotype but it looks more rounded, so perhaps it is a prayer book? Father is rather nondescript in his clothing except the piped edges of his lapels and the watch fob visible hanging from his vest button hole.

The photographer was most likely Alfred M. Morton, known to have been in business in Cleveland in the 1890s. Unfortunately I didn’t find anything else. To identify these photographers I have been using an ebook titled Artists in Ohio 1787-1900, a biographical dictionary. Someone took the time to compile loads of helpful information and I highly recommend it for researching photographers and their history.


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