Just down the street, really

Just down the street from the Hartley Studios in Chicago we find the Ahlborn Berlin Studio at 333 W. Madison Street, Chicago, who claim that babies’ pictures are a specialty! These children are adorable, there is no question! The child on the left is undoubtedly a girl. I think the child on the right might also be a girl, but with no hair to really help me, this could in fact be an older boy. BUT, boys were generally breached by age 4 – 5 at the very latest – and this child looks around age 3-4, has a soft and almost feminine face, and the dress is more girl than boy to me. Maybe this is a girl and she just got hold of her mother’s sewing scissors to give herself a haircut?

William (Willheim?) Ahlborn was in business along Madison Street from 1881 to 1897, but at the 333 location from 1886-1895. Based on the more decorated backing of the card, I’ll date this to 1890-1895.


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