More amazing hair



Here’s a second photograph from the famous Bachrach studio in Baltimore, and a second photograph with some amazing hair. This young woman has obviously long, naturally curly hair which has been dressed to show off everything it can do. In the back, it has been brushed and shows the length. On top, we have a crown of braids. To the side we have a very long sausage curl (I would like to know just what she used to make it keep its shape!). There are earrings, necklaces, bows, buttons, fringe, smocking or pleating, velvet trimmings and lace! Something tells me this is definitely an 1870s image just from the amount of adornment on her.

This photo is opposite the “striped tie” from yesterday, and while they both look quite young, I do wonder if the arrangement of the photos indicates a connection, perhaps a couple.




From spot #13 in the Leather CdV Album we feature a very decorated lady! Her hair is arranged in a double crown of braids with a side curl. Her dress is covered with an item that I can only describe as a fischu, although I don’t think it is one. The item can best be compared to today’s dickie, in that it is a single piece that pulls over the head, except in this case they were worn over the bodice of a dress. I am confidant there is a name for it and perhaps one of our clothing historian visitors can enlighten us.

The photographer in this case was Bachrach of the Central Photographic Art Gallery, located at the Northeast corner of Kulaw & Lexington streets in Baltimore, MD.

UPDATE: Thanks, usermattw, for the information on the photographer. Bachrach is considered the oldest continually operating photography studio in the world! Click through to the comments for a link to their site, and while you are at it, maybe you should check out Pics of Then, which is Matt’s site, an outstanding old photo blog that I subscribe to and enjoy very much!

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