Baby with beads

This little girl doesn’t look very ¬†happy. Sometimes children have an inherently hopeful or happy look on their faces, but not this one. She looks like she wants her nap. She is posed in the corner of a chair covered with a blanket and has on several strands of beads as a necklace. It makes me wonder about the beads. What did they mean to the family? Were they just a trinket to make the baby look like a girl in the photo? Or were they something special that came as a gift from family far away?

The photographer was Barry in Bismarck, but we have no way of knowing if this was DT or North Dakota. The photo was mounted over to top loop of the B, making it look like Darry, but when you enlarge the image on-screen, you can see that missing loop under the image. Yet another unidentified child in the Red Velvet Album.


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