We are getting into the realm of serious cuteness here. Directly to the right of our international mom is this photo of two blond haired boys. The boy in the chair is swathed in lace, making the inexperienced think he is a girl, but the side part in the hair belies that temptation. He is also holding something unidentifiable in his hand, reminding me of when my daughter was very young how we would give her something to hold and it would distract her long enough for something to be done – like take a quick photo. The boy on the left looks like he left the coat of his Lord Fauntleroy suit elsewhere. The both look as though they might have just said “oh!”

This photo is number 46 in the Dobb Long Book. Directly above it is that cute photo of the little girl with her hair formed into a bow. The photographer in this case was Buck in Paola, KS.

This is a proud Sepia Saturday post. Click through to view beautiful sepia images from around the world.


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