Who is this young man?

We begin looking at the CdVs at the back of the C. Murray Album, beginning with a handsome young man. The photographer was Burgoyne in Clay Center, KS and the back of the card is fairly ornate, indicating it is a later century photograph. There is no other information to identify this person.


Who is this lovely?

This beautiful lady is one of our mystery Streeter family members. We saw her previously in this post, in which I wondered if she wasn’t all that happy. After researching the entire family, I am speculating that this is Alice Fullington Streeter, wife of Charles Streeter. I came to this conclusion after studying the family tree, and also after studying the faces of those pictured in these cabinet cards.

One, the family consisted of siblings Charles, Alfred, Abbie, Eva, and Arthur. ¬†Alfred, Abbie and Arthur have been identified. Eva shows up on one and only one census, so I concluded that she passed away as a child. That left Charles. I studied his face and it appears to have some family resemblance to the three identified siblings. Interestingly, Charles outlived his wife Alice and even remarried in the 1900s. And yet, if I’m correct in my detective work, the previous portrait featuring this woman and who I think to be Charles specifically indicated on the back that a bust portrait would be made of Charles only. I would have thought that the deceased wife might be the one featured in a large portrait? Maybe they used this as a companion piece to that one? This is a very beautiful likeness, who ever she is.

It’s all a guessing game, but I do wonder if this is Alice.

Another baby makes three

Clyde, Flora and now Abbie on March 5, 1888. This cabinet card image was made by Burgoyne in Manhattan, KS. We had a previous Burgoyne cabinet card, with a different style of text and embellishment along the bottom. It is possible this photo is a tiny bit earlier than the other, based on the idea that the later in the century, the more fancy the cards were.

UPDATE: These are the children of George and Abbie (Streeter) Moses.

Who was this family?


This is a lovely family from the C. Murray Album. The parents look to be in their 30s with three children – a girl, a boy, and an infant. The mother looks a bit like Who Was She? #2. Relations?

I found that George Burgoyne was a photographer in Manhattan, KS from 1864 into the 1870s, although the card says the studio was established in 1859. There is some historical speculation that a previous owner started the studio in ’59 and Burgoyne took over in ’64. From the mother’s dress, we can tell this image was made in the 1870s, as her dress features the higher shoulder seams and more narrow skirt that emerged in the 1870s. Noting the drape across her knees, it’s a good speculation that she’s wearing a bustle dress. The Early Bustle period ran from 1870-1876, was followed by the Natural Form period which eschewed the bustle, and then the bustle came back with a vengeance from 1882-1889. The girl also has a lovely wide lace collar, the boy a handsome double breasted suit and the infant a lovely gown. After studying the infant, I’m saying it is a girl because the hair is so deliberately parted in the middle. Girls hair was parted in the middle, boys on the side.

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