A lady at Lovejoy’s

Mounted Tin Types 10 W

If only she could have smiled

Here is a second beautiful tintype made by C. L. Lovejoy in Philadelphia, PA. Lovejoy’s materials claimed the subject would be “Finished in Fifteen Minutes” a claim that modern photographers can hardly make even with digital processing. This particular image features the lovely embossed edging around the oval opening, showcasing the image preserved for our perusal some 150 years later. The corners of the card were again clipped, suggesting the card had squared corners, a more 1860’s trait.

The subject appears to have on small earrings and a ribbon choker. Her collar was a folded over affair made of lace, and she has a large bow tied at her throat. She may also have an oval brooch in the center of the bow. While her countenance does not appear to be anything other than ordinary, Lovejoy managed to add a bit of blush tinting to her cheeks, making her look a bit more welcoming than an untouched photo might imply.



Pink bow tie

Mounted Tin Types 7 W

Is this a repeat subject?

Mounted Tin Types 7 Back W

Lovejoy’s Studio mark

This tintype photograph looks remarkably like the fellow we saw back before the holidays, who had his portrait done by T. M. Saurman. The resemblance is strong, so it’s either the same man or his brother. This photograph features some hand tinting on the bowtie, making it pink. The backmark shows that this image was made at Lovejoy’s at 429 North Second Street, Above Willow, Philadelphia PA. I found a match to C. L. Lovejoy who was apparently known for his exquisite hand coloring work! He was known to be in business during the 1870s, however I must point out that the corners of this card have been cut and that is typical of 1860s cards. It is possible he bought these cards right at the end of the 60s or bought out old stock from another photographer. In January 1870, Lovejoy was the outgoing president of the Ferrotypers Association of Philadelphia – ferrotypes being another name for tintypes.

Check back again for another Lovejoy image next time!


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