Many buttons

This photo from the Red Velvet Album features a pretty lady with a soft, round face. Her hair is pulled back but you can tell it has some curl to it. Her dress has quite a lot of buttons and you can tell they are functional from the little creases in between them. They were probably 1/2″ buttons, so consider 15+ 1/2″ buttons on a cold morning. Let’s hope she didn’t have arthritis!

The photographer is once again C. P. McDannell in Titusville, PA. The card itself is green with a gold beveled edge.


So serious

Continuing on through the Red Velvet Album we have another cabinet card from C. P. McDannell in Titusville, PA. This fellow is so serious. I’m just going to tell myself that his feet hurt in his new shoes and that is why nary a hint of humor or personality lingers on his face. Not even around his eyes.


This photograph represents the third photographer in the little town of Cambridgeboro, PA. Apparently the town was doing quite well. The fancy masking of the photo is similar to the previous photo from the Red Velvet album. The masking must have been carefull applied to the negative plate but you can definitely see they were hand made via the uneven cut marks on the lower edge of this one. Die cut masks may not have been available.

The photographer was C. P. McDonnell, with a gallery located over the post office. Wilson’s Photographic Magazine in 1897 mentioned an advertising technique of Mr. McDonnell, which was to send a montage or collage of children’s photos to his clients. I suppose this was similar to today’s advertising slicks that come in the mail.

UPDATE: a reader suggested that the name is McDannell with an A and I agree. Sorry about that – I think I need better glasses!  :-)

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