A picture of wealth

I think of this as a picture of wealth because this lady is quite done up! Her hair is coiffed inĀ  stylish manner with the side curls draping on her shoulder, the bodice of her gown has beautiful pleating that without a sewing machine is tedious to get just right. Heck even with a sewing machine it’s tedious! Moving on, she has rather large earrings that appear to be heavy due to her ear lobe being pulled down with the weight; a brooch at her throat that looks like it has some type of stone set in the center; a fancy silk tie; a delicate dickie showing above her neckline; and the work on her bodice is all very well done. She was either an expert seamstress or had the funds to hire one. I also noticed that her hair is arranged in such a way that a long braid is wrapped around the crown of her head, then more hair is wrapped over it, as you would tuck into a french braid. She had long thick hair, evidenced by the braid.

The photographer was C. R. Clark. Research found that he was located in Troy, NY. Based on other photographs of his, this is an earlier version of his work, as his later work has more decorated cards and backmarks.


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