Two of Irene’s relatives

This handsome fellow is Arthur Hudson Shoemaker, born in Biggsville IL in 1867. He is Irene’s brother – one of several, as a matter of fact! The family was quite large, consisting of parents William H and Eliza Whilemene, Arthur H (’67), Irene A (’69), George W (’72), Eliza M (’74), Edward W (’75), Della W (’78), Gustavus (’80), and Clyde Alvaro (’83). In 1885, they were living in Iowa. The photographer on this cabinet card was Biddlecomb at 710 Lapser Ave, Port Huron MI.

I believe this lady is Irene’s mother, Eliza Whilemene Shoemaker. See the back of the cabinet card below.

It’s interesting that the photo was sent c/o the Monroe Book Co in Denver, where Irene resided in 1895, at about the time I’m guessing she was married. Thanks to Intense Guy’s wonderful research, we think she married Fredrich H. Monroe. Could he have been the proprietor of the Monroe Book Co? Perhaps Iggy has some more research magic to work with this new information. I would love to find a living family member who would appreciate having these images of a truly beautiful Victorian woman!


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