William L. Mearns

Fortunately for us, someone wrote in many names in pencil under the photographs, and this gentleman is identified as Wm. L. Mearns. The photo was made by Dana in Brooklyn, NY in 1892. The card is labeled “Ivoryettes” which I was curious about, and in my research discovered many people have these prints and wonder what that means as well! I found a copy of Anthony’s Photographic Bulletin, volume XXIII dated 1892 which explained the Ivoryette process on page 31¬†as “not made on a certain kind of albumen paper, as you suppose, but is a name given to a type of effect produced by a particular kind of lighting and background.” The background behind the subject was nearly transparent and white, and lighting came from above the subject, giving the sitter a glowing effect.

Here is the back of the cabinet card:

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