Young Men

I have a large pile of cdvs of men, young and old, average and interesting, so I thought I’d showcase some men this week.


First, a young man, sullen looking really, who was photographed by David Baily in Tamaqua, PA. The red detailing and rounded corners, along with the weight of the card stock place this photograph in the 1870s. I like the neck tie he is wearing. It reminds me of the type seen on some modern formal wear. He is wearing a vest under his coat.


This young man has a rather unfortunately large upper lip, making his mouth look pursed, almost like he just sucked on a lemon. His hair is combed into a “flip” right at the temple, which I believe was popular in the 1870s and 1880s. The photographer was Frank Z. Fritz of Lambertville, NJ.


The final cdv for today is another young man who reminds me of my nephew. He has a nice round face and serious look about him, but I bet he is quite nice looking when smiling. The photographer in this instance was E. S. Wertz of Allentown, PA.


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