Finally, a maroon card

I apologize for the long absence, friends. My family was afflicted with flu during the past week which took me away from this site. But, here I am, back to bring you a maroon cabinet card. After observing in my last post that I hadn’t seen a maroon cabinet card, I found that the next photo to be posted would be on a maroon card. Next time I want something, I’ll simply point out that I don’t have it and it should just appear, right? Right.

The lovely deep reddish color of the card is more evident on the back of the cabinet card and highlighted by the golden imprinting of the back mark. The more elaborate the back, the later in the period, or so the experts say. The dark cards were popular from 1885-1895, and the elaborately stamped back mark indicates 1890-1900. The bodice of her dress is within the late 1880s styles, so I am going to split the difference here and date this to 1890.

So here we have the top right image of the third open page of the Dobb Long Book. This lady looks very much like the woman from our first impression photo, but I’m having difficulty matching the man to our previous couples photo. The previous gentleman had a lovely mustache, you see and this fellow does not. The location is also different. The previous young couple was photographed in Chicago, while this couple was photographed in Fremont, Nebraska.

I did several searches on the photographer F. E. Dwight, but am confounded by the fact that there is a Dwight, NB.


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