Researchers, start your search engines!

I have a series of 9 CdVs that appear to be related. I call them the Hakens/Whitton/Pease series as those are the last names on the photos. The time range of the photos appears to be from the early 1860s to about 1880. Work is going to keep me pretty busy this week, so feel free to post your researches and clues in the comments.

Harrison & Ann Whitton – early 1860s
Herbert & Malvina Whitton, Jericho, UT – early 1860s
I find it interesting that the name of the photographer is actually scratched off the back of the card.

Aunt Melinda Whitton – early 1860s

Grandma Hakins – early 1860s

Note the handwriting on some of these is from the same hand, but at least two people wrote the notes.

Sarah Pease – 1870-1880

Left to right, Guy S, Will B, Jim Shirley – early 1860s
Rollin Pease – 1870-1880
Mother B – early 1860s
Father B – early 1860s

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