Liberty Bell 2

Liberty Bell 2

Fading likeness in Exeter, NH

Our next image from the Liberty Bell album shows a mustachioed man with trimmed lapels and a vest, whose photograph is unfortunately faded around the head. While he is disappearing into the background of his photograph, he likely was not a wallflower in real life. His eyes bespeak a man of intensity.

His chosen photographer was Folsom & Carlisle at 94 Water Street, Exeter, New Hampshire. The studio is known to have operated in the 1890s. However, further searching for the principals is compounded by the famous immigrant to the town, Nathaniel Folsom and his extensive progeny. There is also the Folsom Tavern, which was in operation in approximately 1775 and hosted President George Washington in 1783 and 1789. There are also numerous Carlisles, but I cannot find one reference to a photographer with either surname.


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