Another Cleveland Family

I can’t quite tell if the child in this photograph is a boy or a girl. The usual clue of the part in the hair is either not well defined or the parents chose to eschew that tradition. The child is sweet and round faced, with soft hair with maybe a bit of a curl? Baby is also holding some sort of a toy in their hand. When my daughter was learning to walk I would give her something to hold because when she was distracted she would walk just fine; when she was thinking about it she fell all over the place. I do not recognize the parents from any of our previous photos in the Leaf Album.

The photographer was the family-preferred Freedle in Cleveland.


Big sleeves & mangy fur

The latest entry from the Leaf Album and all I can say is wow. That fur is really disreputable; I can’t imagine what the photographer thought this would say in an artistic sense about his young female subject. Her dress is quite statement enough, in my opinion. The sleeves aren’t as large or prominent as the last big sleeve image from the album, but they really don’t do much for this lady’s look. They appear to be 3/4 bell sleeves, almost pagoda sleeves. Then there is some sort of lacy undersleeve and the lace adornment at the neckline. The fabric is checkered as well, so it makes me dizzy to look at it too long. Finally, the gathered blouse style bodice just makes the whole thing look sloppy to me. Sigh, the things women will do for fashion! She is fairly young, so perhaps this was the height of style for young women in the mid to late 1890s.

The photographer was Freedle, a clear family favorite.


These girls must be related to our Leaning Lady, being that the photo was also made by Freedle and they come from the Leaf Album. It is unknown what their relation was though. I believe this photo to be a First Holy Communion for the older girl and some other type of religious milestone for the younger girl. I freely admit I am limited in my knowledge of religious activities, so if you have a speculation please add in to the comments section!

Leaning lady of Cleveland

To me, this lady looks like she is leaning backwards. Do you see that too? It could be a trick of how the photo was taken, I am not certain, but I can tell you that is how I feel after a full weekend of wearing my 19th century dresses. I’m tired!

This photograph was made in the 1890s, which we can tell by the large sleeves and general busy-ness of the bodice. I’d err toward the early part of the decade because the sleeves are relatively small compared to the end of the decade.

This photo is from the Leaf Album and was made by Freedle in Cleveland, OH. There were three Freedles in Cleveland during the 80s and 90s. Frank and James Freedle were in business as Freedle and Brother, and were the sons of Thomas and Annie Freedle of Bohemia and both were born in the 1850s. They were in business together from about 1876 – 86 at the location 225 Superior. From 1891-98, Vaclav Freedle was at the location 1667 Broadway, and in 1899 James Freedle took over the business. I have had no luck in tying the two families together as there is very little information about Vaclav, but perhaps he was a relative who also emigrated to Cleveland.

Based on the information above, I believe the photographer was Vaclav Freedle.

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