Young Men

I have a large pile of cdvs of men, young and old, average and interesting, so I thought I’d showcase some men this week.


First, a young man, sullen looking really, who was photographed by David Baily in Tamaqua, PA. The red detailing and rounded corners, along with the weight of the card stock place this photograph in the 1870s. I like the neck tie he is wearing. It reminds me of the type seen on some modern formal wear. He is wearing a vest under his coat.


This young man has a rather unfortunately large upper lip, making his mouth look pursed, almost like he just sucked on a lemon. His hair is combed into a “flip” right at the temple, which I believe was popular in the 1870s and 1880s. The photographer was Frank Z. Fritz of Lambertville, NJ.


The final cdv for today is another young man who reminds me of my nephew. He has a nice round face and serious look about him, but I bet he is quite nice looking when smiling. The photographer in this instance was E. S. Wertz of Allentown, PA.


Emma Chandler and Mr?

This photo has been identified in the Mearns Family Album as Emma Chandler (Updated to Chandlee). She is dressed in simple late 1880s style and has her hair drawn back in a bun that is just barely peeking out. She has a lovely ruff of lace on her collar and what looks like a brooch. Directly above her in the album is the following photo:

I certainly hope this photo does not do him justice, because this man looks stern and unhappy! Hopefully when he smiles his expression is softer. I assume this is Mr. Chandler (Updated to Chandlee) although it wasn’t identified. I make this deduction because both photos were made by the same photographer:

Emma’s photo was number 20514 and Mr Chandler was 20515. Most certainly during the same session! Several family members have been photographed by Fritz of New Jersey.

UPDATE: Iggy found that their surname is Chandlee. Check the comments for interesting information concerning how Emma Chandlee is related to the Mearns family.

Victorian Facial Hair is Amazing

According to one of my more favorite blogs Century of the Beard (dedicated to 19th century facial hair photographs and those who love them), this beard is called a “chin curtain.” Sounds good to me! This man from the Mearns Family Album is not identified. He appears to be younger middle age, perhaps late 30s, and has some extra padding on him, which was considered to be a sign of wealth! Of course a person who could afford to eat enough that he gains extra flesh, and also have his portrait featuring his gold watch fob and his chin curtain was certainly a man with some disposable income. We shall never know exactly who he was, unfortunately.

The photographer was F. Z. Fritz of Lambertville, NJ.

Side-back portrait

This is an interesting angle to achieve the profile view for a portrait. The subject is sitting with her back to the camera and facing to the right. Lucky for us, it shows off her hair arrangement, the back of which is often a mystery. It is pulled straight up to the top of her head and twisted into a bun, with the front bangs left free in a fringe. It appears she may have a fancy hair fork peeking out from the top. She has the puffed sleeves and high neckline that were popular in the 1890s, and also wears small earrings. Some have argued that “women of strong moral character” did not pierce their ears, but photographic evidence such as this and the vast selection of earrings available in mail order catalogs prove otherwise. This lady from the Mearns Family Album was photographed at Fritz’s in Lambertville, NJ.There is no date on the photograph, but following that the previous two were early 1890s, it’s a good suspicion this was taken around the same time.

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