Another chubby baby

This darling baby is Selma Arndt, age 6 months. Finally a name!! She is posed somewhat precariously on a chair draped with a curtain. I suspect that her mother is behind that curtain ready to catch Selma should she fall. I found an entry on a family tree for a Selma Arndt, born 1892 to August and Caroline Arndt, who married in 1891. Little Selma grew up and married Alexander Walker, and they had one child, Robert Walker. Sadly, Robert was born in 1920 and died in 1935. There were no other children recorded for the couple. Iggy might be able to turn up more – he is incredibly tenacious!

The photography studio was the U.S. Portrait Co., incorporated August 9, 1892. They had only been in business a short time when the Arndts came in for a baby photo, it seems.


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