It’s me!

I always think this woman and I bear some resemblance, although it could just be the soft round face and double chin, lol. I think she is the mother of our “all boy” child previously shown. She has obviously curly hair that was difficult to tame, glasses and small earrings. She even has a strand of pearls that sit very close to her neck – that would bother me. From what I can see of her dress, this is an 1890s photograph.

The photography studio was Hardy & Van Arnam of Troy NY. They appear on the list of most prolific photographers during the CdV era. In their little town, one of their competitors was Zeph. F. Magill, who we saw previously and who was involved in some sort of scandal involving a fraud suspect. It appears that they might have won the competition being as Magill does not appear on that list of prolific photographers. They opened their studio in the early 1870s.


Hello, baby

This is an adorable baby, no doubt, but I chose this photograph because of how her hair has been curled into a little bow on the top of her head. That is one way of showing that this is a girl child, now isn’t it? The photographer was Hardy & Van Arnam at 390 River St, Troy NY. These photographers were one of the most prolific of the CdV era.

Baby bow girl is also going to kick off another photo album that I purchased last year, although the chances of finding living relatives may be a true challenge even to Iggy’s fabulous curiosity and research skills. The album is call the “Dobb Long Book” but there are very few people identified within. It is possible to sometimes tell who were the couples, and when that is possible I’ll post them together, but beyond that…. it’s almost totally lost to history.

Next post will be a more in-depth description of the album and a very interesting cabinet card.

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