This is a group of CdVs found in the big bunch off ebay, and they are certainly a family. All the backs are marked as on the last image. According to Photo Tree, the absence of a border on these CdVs suggests they are from 1860-1862. The woman’s dress is certainly a lovely representation of a Civil War era dress, with lots of embellishment across the chest and down the sleeves to give the rounded look that was so popular at that time.

UPDATE: As I was studying the image of the two boys together, I wondered about the feet of some sort of table behind each boy, and then I realized they are positioning stands! Since the exposure time was long and a person had to remain still, body positioning stands were sometimes used for the best quality photo with no blur of movement. I’m excited to see evidence of these positioning stands. I believe there is also one in use in the photo of the man and the boy – look between the boy’s feet.

Here in America, today is Thanksgiving, a day we spend with family and celebrating all that we are thankful for. I hope that if you find yourself on Who Were They? today, you will know that I am incredibly thankful for your patronage and interest in this project, and hope to see you again soon!


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