String tied

This CdV from the C. Murray Album is an unidentified Streeter family member. While I don’t know much about men’s clothing, what I do find very interesting is that instead of a necktie of some type, he has closed his shirt with a string tie. Literally, string. It appears he has a vest beneath his coat, then the shirt, then another shirt under that. The many layers would have been useful in cold weather. The string tie makes me wonder if he was less well off than some of his relations.

I cannot find any information on the photographer at this point. I’ll date this photo tentatively between 1885-1890. The gold border on the very edge of the card was popular during this time frame.


Who is this baby?

A lovely baby with his mother, taken around 1882. This baby is named Clyde, so that answers that question, but who is his mother? In my opinion, she looks a little worn around the edges, as though she is having a difficult time adjusting to the rigors of motherhood. Check back again for Clyde and his mother, as I have identified at least three other photos from the C. Murray Album of this family.

I had no luck searching for the photographer, Howard T Holderness. There is a famous plastic surgeon apparently who shares the name, but no luck elsewhere.

UPDATE: This is Abbie J (Streeter) Moses and her son Clyde. Abbie was born October 6, 1855 and lived until December 10, 1917. Her husband George lived until 1928.

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