55 years old

A Portrait

A Portrait

I purchased this particular cabinet card because the back had some faint and faded words written in pencil and I was intrigued by the challenge of finding out what those words were. Thankfully, by changing the exposure, contrast and sharpness, I was able to bring out the following:


Letter on the back

Bits of it are still difficult to make out, but I think it goes a bit like this:

“55 years old

Good by reeds

this is for your ??? are

Leaten’s picture now do

answer my letter

no my dress hasn’t

torn (?) just a mistake

in the print of picture

to match shade you see

of face & hands now

answer my letter please

we have return to

??? can’t rest hardly

but ??? for them thats

taken last spring”

If you can make more sense out of it, please do!

The Hutching’s Railroad Photo Car was a train car studio that allowed the photographer to travel all over the country, taking photos and seeing the world at the same time. For other Hutching’s photographs, click the category Photographer / Hutching’s.

UPDATE: I realized some people might want to see the original scan of the photo back, below:

Faint writing

Faint writing


Who was she? #2

Here’s cabinet card #3 from the C. Murray Album, a lady in her 40s I would guess. From what I can find, the Hutchings Railroad Photo Car was a train car set up as a traveling photography studio. The other cabinet cards I have seen have slight variations on the inscription but all say the same thing. The studio was know to have operated in Nebraska in the 1880s to 1890s at least.

This lady has a mannish jacket bodice with an inset and rather lacy collar. The white fluff at the center could be a floral embellishment, and there is also a brooch at her throat. The neckline shows a blouse underneath the dress, evidenced by the thin white collar. The look of the 1880s and 1890s was trending toward an elongated neck, hence the stand up collars.

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