Baby in a lacy dress

This lovely cabinet card from the Red Velvet Album features a very cute baby in a dress trimmed with gorgeous lace. The baby is a blondie, and I think might have been a boy by the side part that is sort of there. However, being such a undefined part, it could just be the way the baby’s hair fell and this is a girl. It is unidentified, so we will never know.

The photographer was J. E. Hall in Meadville, PA. The cabinet card itself is interesting with the way the edges are beveled. I have seen deckled edges but not this style. Since deckled edges were popular in the 1890s I’ll date this in the same decade.


Thin on top, full on lip

Returning to the Red Velvet Album today, we have this unidentified photograph of a substantial mustache and its host. The middle aged man has his hair flattened to his pate in a clear attempt to hide his receeding hairline. He is definitely making up for it on the upper lip! This mustache is full and bushy, long and curly. He could have waxed the ends into a pointy handlebar if he chose to – perhaps for fun but not for photos apparently. He has a standing shirt collar and cravat style necktie, piped edges of his lapels on both his vest and coat, and something…a pocket? to the right.

The photo is mounted on a maroon card, dating it to 1885-1895. The photographer was J. E. Hall in Meadville, PA.

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