Mystery woman

Even though this lady is not identified, I am including this in the Mary Harding / Frank Buxton / Florence Gardner mystery grouping for two reasons. One, they were together in the same batch of photos from ebay, and two her photo was made by the same photographer as Frank Buxton’s and has the same distinctive deckled edge. She is an attractive woman, and just note that although we can only see 7 buttons on her dress, there are probably 7 more at least that we don’t see. That is a lot of buttons! You can also see the shadow of a frame in the shape of an oval above her head. Someone at some time revered this woman enough to display her image in a frame.

This is a proud Sepia Saturday post, although not on theme (which is flying machines). I suppose you could say that with these old photos we fly through time.


Meet Frank Buxton

This is Frank Buxton, as identified by the unknown writer. The ink is ballpoint so this is a somewhat recent addition to the photo. How these photos later found themselves for sale on ebay I have no idea. Again, this is a difficult name to search because there were many Frank Buxton’s living in or born in Michigan! Who knew?

The photographer was J. M. Brigham. On this historic map of Planwell dated 1895, I was able to find the plot of land he owned at the corner of Bridge & Prince streets, and on a Google map, there is still a residence located there. Makes you wonder if it was the same house where he had his business. The somewhat long property directly to the left of J. M. Brigham’s home was also owned by a Brigham – a family that has a very long history in America, having come over in 1635!

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