Baby in a white dress

Today we have a round faced baby. This family was certainly all about the frilly white dresses, weren’t they? It’s not possible to tell from the clothing or hair whether this was a boy or girl. In some regards, it looks like a boy to me, but then I think the mouth is delicate and could be a girl… My guess is that Mother was behind the drape, steadying the baby.

The photographer was J. M. Didero, at 1370 Broadway, Cleveland, Ohio. Joseph (fmly Guiseppe) Didero was born in 1849 and was in the photography trade as early as 1883 under his birth name. By 1884 however he had changed his name to Joseph and was working in Lorain. He operated his studio in Cleveland between 1892-1900 at least and he died in 1918. It is interesting to note that the address is just a short way from the Freedle studio.


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