A bit of a smirk

This could be the sister of yesterday’s solemn girl, but this one has a bit of a smirk on her face. I like to think that she was laughing at something her sister just did, like put bunny ears on the photographer after he settled under the black drape to frame the shot. Probably not, but still, it’s a fun thought.

Again the photographer is James, at 120 Clinton Street, Iowa City, IA. One of these days I will go back through all my posts and create a category for each photographer for other people searching old photos. Until then, I am just going to claim a lack of time.



The bust portrait was a popular variation of the cabinet card and CdV throughout most of the 19th century, but it enjoyed a renewal in the 1890s. This cabinet card was probably made around 1895, based on the scalloped or deckled edge of the card. This young woman looks so solemn. We know this is likely because of the long exposure time of the photography process at the time, but it does make her look sad. Her dress is very nicely made of watered silk or similar fabric. She has a tiny jeweled flower at her throat, and tiny earrings. It makes me wonder if she was tiny, too.

This photo from the Dobb Long Book was made by James at 120 Clinton Street, Iowa City, IA.

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