Mary Lair

Here we have a photo identified as Mary Lair (or possibly Lain or Sain), who was the granddaughter of Amy Lair / Lain / Sain. This photo was made using the collodion process, which dates it after 1894. Additionally, the cardstock used is the white and embossed card that evolved into the type of mounts used in the 20th century. Mary is a pretty girl, seated on a fur of some type and wearing a lovely white dress with lace on the petticoat and black buttoned shoes. The photograph was made by Jeanes, who also photographed her grandmother. It doesn’t make sense that the grandchild would be photographed by a different process than the grandmother, so I surmise these were two different sittings with some time between them.


Amy Lair or Lain or Sain

This photo was identified as Amy Lair (or possibly Lain or Sain, it’s hard to tell), who was the sister of Amy T. Mearns. So we know this is a relation to the family. Does anyone else find it odd that two sisters were both named Amy? One must have gone by her middle name. She is an older woman, possibly in her late 50s. The photograph was mounted on a maroon card, which were not as popular because they were more expensive than the pearl, white and pink cards. Along with the deckled edges of the card, we can date this to the 1890s. Unfortunately the photo quality is not the best and aging has dappled the image. The photographer was Jeanes of 702 Edgemont Ave, Chester PA.

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