Franklin Francis Ford


This little guy is Franklin Francis Ford, age four months, weight 22 pounds.  He’s a good size boy at four months. Franklin (Frank) was the son of Elias C Ford and Belle Kirby Ford, born July 11, 1883 in Dakota Territory. The Fords were a travelling family. Elias C was born in Ohio, his wife in Wisconsin. Daughter Sarah born in Wisconsin, son Elias K born in Wisconsin, Frank, in DT, Lillie Mae in Washington, and Arthur in Washington. Eventually, the family migrated to Oakland City, CA and Frank settled in and around the area, living in Ophir, Oroville and Butte in Butte County and Berkeley in Alameda County. Frank was a farmer and real estate office manager. He married Nellie Lorinda on the last day of 1910 and they were together until his death in 1946. Nellie lived until ’53. They did not appear to have had any children. However, I have a great lead on a family member, so keep your fingers crossed!

The photographer was Judkins in Bismark, DT.


A sister, surely

This photo from the Red Velvet Album is placed directly next to our previous photo of the girl with the long hair. Being they had the same photographer, I take it to mean they are sisters. The resemblance in their faces is obvious.

Long, beautiful hair

Returning to the Red Velvet Album we feature a CdV of a young girl showing off her long, beautiful hair. It is tied with a ribbon and draped over her right shoulder. A woman’s hair was definitely a point of pride in the 19th century! She also has a lovely bar pin at her throat.

The photographer was Judkins in Bismark, Dakota Territory. As we learned recently, Dakota Territory existed for a short period of time, so the photograph can be dated between 1861-1889. We can further narrow the time frame to between the mid-1880s to 1889 based on the use of a dark card. These dark colors were introduced in the mid ’80s, and while they were used through to the mid ’90s, Dakota Territory became South and North Dakota in 1889.

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