Chubby cheeks

Here we have a very young baby with incredibly pinchable cheeks. This may be a boy but at such a young age there usually is not a lot of hair, so this may in fact be a girl. The child sits on a shaggy fur piece on an ornate wicker chair. At first I thought the fur might have tickled and caused the baby to reach up to his ear, but actually I think the mother might be holding his hand. There appears to be something reaching into the palm of his hand up there, although it’s well hidden, but it explains why the fur would be placed vertically next to him. Look at the hem of the skirt, you can see his toes peeping out too. Scrumptious!

I do wonder if this child is a sibling to our last post from Iowa.┬áThe photographer was Keables in Pella, IA, and there are quite a few Keables in Pella, including the Civil War hero and early doctor to the town, Dr. B. F. Keables, although there’s no record he was ever a photographer.


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