Who was this couple?

We can comfortably date this cabinet card to 1885-1895 due to the use of a dark backing, which is when they were popular, and apparently dark green cards were less popular and thus fewer examples exist to be studied. Yay us! We have this lovely couple from the C. Murray Album who were photographed by Louis Teitzel in Junction City, KS.

I found the photographer in the documentation registering Junction City Downtown Historic District. G.M. Wheeler had a photography studio on the upper floor of a building established in 1870 by the M.W. Keller Grocery. At some point, Wheeler and Teitzel became partners, and Teitzel became the studio owner in 1885. Teitzel was in business at the same location until 1909 when J.W. Montgomery had taken over the studio. The building was replaced by the existing building at 706 N. Washington Street, Junction City, KS. It is currently known as Boone’s Market building and houses bank offices.

This all coincides with the dress of the lady in our photo, which is consistent with the lines and decoration of the Late Bustle period. If she turned just a bit to the side, I’m sure we’d see the poufs and drapery of her skirts behind her.

UPDATE: Notice the date written directly above the photographer’s name. It looks like May 1, 1889.

UPDATE 2: This couple has been identified as Arthur and Kate (Parish) Streeter.


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