Liberty Bell 6

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Baby Fauntleroy

This photo was photographed by M. Frank Miller, who provided the previous image of our Little Lord Fauntleroy. This child is wearing a lovely, long dress. It is interesting to note that the photograph seems to have an oval shape, much like a frame or album opening, right in the middle of the dress – where a face might have been. I wonder where it was placed to have developed such an odd marking.


Liberty Bell 5

Liberty Bell 6

Little Lord

This cute boy was photographed by M. Frank Miller at 48 Merrimack Street, Haverhill, MA. Haverhill is only about 17 miles from Exeter, NH. 48 Merrimack Street is located one block off the Merrimack River, near the Basiliere Bridge. Today the location is an Indian cuisine restaurant. The boy’s outfit reflects the popular “Little Lord Fauntleroy” look that was popular in the 1890s. The big bow, lacy collar and long curly hair was seen as quite fashionable, and led to any number of schoolyard beatings, I’m sure.

M. Frank Miller was noted to have provided photographic services to the Haverhill Police Department in 1896, at the cost of $7.50.

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