Vincent Joy

I’m taking this slightly out of order because of the mystery of the Joys. This photo is identified as Vincent Joy and shares the same photographer as the photo of Ellen Wachtel Joy. He doesn’t look like the mystery church-man and having compared his photo with the photo of Absalom Joy (his father) available on I can confidently say yesterday’s photo was not Absalom either. However, since Absalom and Jane Joy had six boys (out of 11!) it is quite possible the mystery church-man is one of the brothers of Vincent Joy.

Also noted is that Vincent Joy died in 1886, predeceasing the guesstimate date of 1890s from my incredibly unscientific photo dating theory.


Ellen Wachtel Joy

Our next photo from the Green Fan Album is a cabinet card dating from the 1880s and identified as Ellen Wachtel Joy. Her name is really Elizabeth but she must have gone by Ellen. Elizabeth married Vincent S. Joy on November 23, 1865 in Andrew County Missouri. The wedding took place at the home of her parents, with them as witnesses, and was performed by Samuel Huffman, minister of the Methodist East Church. I have no idea how the Joy’s are related to the Talbots.

The photographer was Mendenhall in Maryville, MO.

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