Interesting hair adornment

This photo from the Dobb Long Book is from the lower right side of the second open page. It is next to the photograph of the mother and sweet baby we featured yesterday, and under the photo of the handsome couple. This completes the second open page. You cannot help but notice the elaborate beadwork on this dress, as well as the lovely tissue collar with probably hand tatted lace edging. The big sleeves are indicative of the 1890s as the look during that decade was the predecessor to the 1980s shoulder pads we all probably wore at one time or another! She also has an interesting hair adornment sticking up from the back of her head. It looks like a small version of the pieneta we looked at a few months ago. To me, it looks like a handle.

The photographer, J. B. Dedrick, is a little difficult to track down. Perhaps Iggy would like to try his hand. There are a lot of modern photographers with combinations of the initials, last name, and New Era Studios.


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