Funny baby expression

Here’s another funny expression on a baby. This photograph is from the 1920s, I’d guess, based on the type of folder it’s in. The photo is mounted on an oversized cardboard presentation card. The photographer was Scheidemantle in Ellwood City, PA. While I couldn’t find anything on this photographer, I did find a great little site dedicated to preserving Ellwood City, PA history, and have left them a message asking for more information.

UPDATE: I heard from Ben at Ellwood City Memories. He told me that the original photography studio was called Crescent Studios and was located on Crescent Ave. and opened in 1903. When Ferdinand Scheidemantle took over the business in 1914 he changed the name and also moved the location to Lawrence Ave. After Ferdinand’s death in 1931, William Weigle – an employee – took over the business and kept it open through 1945.  Thanks Ben!

UPDATE #2: Site reader Jean W Smith shared that William Weigle (her grandfather) was actually Ferdinand Scheidemantle’s nephew. The business stayed in the family and Jean has some memories of seeing her grandfather disappear underneath the drape while setting up a photo shoot. Thanks, Jean!


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