Everetts, New York State

This person was identified only as Everetts, New York State, with the photo below labeled only as “& wife.”

Her dress is a bustle dress, dating the photo to 1885-1890. It is not an outrageous dress, very understated. She has some type of flower at her throat, so this could possibly be her wedding portrait.

This young man was also labeled only Everetts, New York State. My guess is the person making the identifications intended to go back and write in their first names but never did for one reason or another. This particular photo looks like a collodion print with its slight lavender tint, putting the date post 1894.

The three photographers were (possibly) M. S. Squyer of Auburn, NY, Pomeroy of Rochester, NY and Ernsberger in Auburn, NY.


He’s a cute boy, for sure

This young man looks so handsome, similar to many young men in high school or college today. I am certain that all the girls in his town were taken with him! He isn’t identified unfortunately, so we don’t know if he is related to the Mearns, Clugstons or Fultons! Note that he is wearing a wide lapeled coat and vest, with an enormous knot in his necktie and pointed collars on his shirt. I believe these are the type of collars that were buttoned onto the shirt and then removed so the shirt could be laundered. The collars were heavily starched, although not as uncomfortable as those popular in the beginning of the 19th century. Those collars were very high and often the chin sat directly on the collar! Our photographer was Squyer (an interesting spelling) at 130 Genesee S, Auburn, NY.

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