The end

Well folks, here we have the last photograph in the Dobb Long Book, and miracle of miracles, it has a name written on it! Unfortunately, it is a strange name that I haven’t been able to trace, ugh. Of note, the name is written in ball point pen, not fountain ink, so someone relatively recently knew who this woman was. It appears to be De Vee or De Vu Mourer Downes/Dornan/Dorner.

The photographer was Stoops in Perry, IA.

UPDATED: Iggy figured out her name is Devee Mourer Dorman. Check the comments for more information. You are the man Iggy!

Here at the end of the Dobb Long Book, after 57 cabinet cards, we don’t really know much more than we did at the beginning.

The names mentioned in the book are Nina Dobb, who has remained elusive; Miss Farmar/Farmer, who without a first name is impossible to trace; De Vee or De Vu Mourer Downes/Dornan/Dorner, the last photo in the book. The amazing Intense Guy (aka Iggy) has found several suggestions on who these people might be, but more often than not we have had more luck researching photographers. It has been an interesting journey across fashion, time and one ocean, but it appears these photographs will remain lost to history, and I will have to enjoy them for the hints of the story they could tell. The Dobb Long Book will be used at events focusing on the 1890s as a means to educate about what people wore in the later Victorian era. Thanks for all your interest in these photos.


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