Mantilla comb

The upcoming photos will feature women and their adornments such as their jewelry, hats and hair items. The CdV above is probably from 1885-1890. The clothing is somewhat ambiguous, although the sleeves are standard coat sleeves. The color of the card is a deep brown, which among the other dark colored cards (black, maroon, green) was popular between 1885-1895.  The lady sports a mantilla-style comb in her hair. The type is probably a peineta, which is the tortoise shell comb used under a mantilla cloth in Spain. They became popular in the 19th century as hair combs and ornamental objects without the use of the mantilla cloth. In Spain they were used to add height to the wearer, so speculation that this lady was petite is good.

UPDATE: I realized I had forgotten to post the back of the CdV. This image was made by Tho. Barnes & Son of London, at 422 Mile End Road E & 9 Cornhill E.C. Any British readers are invited to expand on whether those are two separate addresses.


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