Distinguished ancestor


On a recent cruise through the Down Home Antiques shop in Orange, CA, I came across some wonderful Civil War era CdVs. Because of their worn condition, some of them were pretty inexpensive (for California) so I happily took them home. First is a man I think of as a distinguished ancestor of…someone. He looks a lot like a retired Colonel, doesn’t he? There are three sets of arithmetic here that tell a tiny piece of this story. Whoever this is sat for his portrait in 1865. In 1906, someone figured out he was 80 years old. The portrait had been taken 41 years prior, when the subject was 39 years old. He had been born in 1826. The corners of this CdV are worn off, not made rounded. The photographer was W. E. Lindop, in or on St. Thomas, C. W. I have no clue where that may actually be located.  C. W. is not an abbreviation I am familiar with, so is it possibly a foreign card?

UPDATE: Iggy found out that St. Thomas is in Ontario, Canada. C. W. stands for Canada West. Thank you!!


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