Cleveland beauty

The latest installment from the Leaf Album features a beautiful young woman with soft curly hair and a lovely and intricately decorated bodice for her dress. The portrait was clearly masked to show off the ruched neck, lacy bib and intricate embroidery or applique work. The bodice also has some fringed trim, and while you might be tempted to think there is a big button on the left, it is a flaw on the image.

When I look at these old photos I remind myself that these lovely images are – for the majority – unretouched, not airbrushed to give the appearance of flawless skin and there was virtually no use of make up at this time. In my mind, this young lady puts all the Oscar award ceremony lovelies to shame.

The photographer was W. F. Zapf on Broadway in Cleveland. While I have found other photographs made by this photographer, for some reason he was not in the directory that has been so helpful on previous Ohio photographers.


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