What happened?

This lovely cabinet card is from the C. Murray Album. After the great disappointment of Flora Moses’ passing, I needed to take a moment before getting back to the album. You may not recognize her at first, but this mother is the bride in this wedding photo. The way I figured this out was by looking at the brooch she has at her throat. After noticing that Abbie J Moses wore the same necklace in all her photos, I became curious if I would find this repeated with other women. Lo and behold, under a magnifying glass, I was able to determine the same pin being worn in both photos of this woman.

This photo features Mother and a lovely baby girl who appears to be quite curious. Unfortunately, this was written on the back of the card:

It breaks my heart. It also makes me wonder if whatever took this lovely baby also took Flora Moses. We will never know.

This is my first Sepia Saturday post. Take a moment and look at the other sites, too.

UPDATE: This mother is Kate (Parish) Streeter, wife of Arthur Streeter. Kate and Arthur married May 1, 1889. Kate passed away in 1896.


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