This guy looks like he is wearing high waters with the high waist of his trousers! His bow tie is also a bit crooked, jacket sleeves a bit rumpled, looking all the world like a bewildered child. We are just over half way through the Dobb Long Book and nary a new name for Iggy to pursue. So frustrating!

I’m a bit under the weather today so perhaps Iggy or someone else will enjoy searching on the photographer, Wm. Meyer & Son of Chicago.

UPDATE: According to “Chicago photographers, 1847 through 1900 : as listed in Chicago city directories” Wm Meyer was at the address on the photograph from 1884 to 1888. In 1889 he moved to 755 Clybourn and was located there until 1895. He moved again and finally was no long listed after 1899.

I guess this would date the photo to 1884 to 1888.

Thanks, Iggy!


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